It all finally caught up to me, and on Christmas no less! Well friends, 77 comics and nary missing a week was a pretty good beginning. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep on top of things here but writing and drawing them Powerpuff Girls monthly comics and now the happy arrival of my baby boy Nathan have put a slight kink in my “free time”.

Angora Napkin WILL be back in 2014, I’m finishing up a full colour 6 pager for an anthology and with luck I’ll get back in the web comic groove sooner than later. I’m still working on Powerpuff Girls but taking a 2 issue break (Issues #7 & #8 are in the capable hands of Mr. Derek Charm) and pecking away and #9 & #10 as time allows.

Thanks everyone who stops by on Wednesdays for a visit and please spread the word to others who may not yet have seen Angora Napkin as there’s a good bit of fun to dig into now! The more people who support the web comic the more likely I’ll be able to keep at it without resorting to a ton of freelance in the future! (At least that’s the dream)

TCAF is on deck as is ECCE for 2014 conventions. More to come? Let’s hope so!

See ya’ll in 2014 (at some point)!